A day of achievements

So sean is on his cousins stag do in Manchester. Last night I was adamant I was not going to waste the day, even thou we had a party to go to.

My parents, seem to know what I need at the time, before I do…. last night they could sense I didn't want to go home, so the girls and I had a sleepover.

First thing this morning, after breakfast trials, the girls were bathed/showered, I came home, started cutting my dead bush down, then cutting back the tree. Pit stop to the party shop, then back to digging (broke my neighbours garden fork 😨) completely cleared the front, put all the rubbish in the car. Mowed the lawn with a bit of help from dad, mum and I pulled up garden weeds. Made lunch, took the girls to a party, then onto the dump, back to the party, back home, started dads cake, cooked girls dinner, put them to bed, finished dads cake and slumped on sofa!

I'm physically tired tonight…. which is so much better than being mentally tired!

Today is a good day!

Ate crap thou! 😩

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