This blog has to become my food diary!

So readers, I am sorry, I have to do this, I need to make this my food diary, I need to be able to blog about the inability to eat such nice things, and the ability to think about and cook such plain boring healthy food and make it as enjoyable as ever!

I also need to take care of myself and actually try some self care. I presently absolutely do not like one thing about myself, and I mean that not in a poor me way, I mean it in a physical and mental way.

My mind – needs to be cleared of all my negative thoughts of self loathing – how am I going to be to roll model I want to be to the girls, if I keep thinking I am awful.

My body – well my Facebook posts keep reminding me that for the 10 years I have been on Facebook, I keep moaning about my appearance. Baz Lurhman was spot on in the Sunscreen song –

‘But trust me, in twenty years, You will look back at photos of yourself, and recall in a way you can’t grasp now, how much possibility lay before you and how fabulous you really looked’

You are not as fat as you imagine

So – I need to sort my head out, and in sorting my head out I will hopefully sort my body out, and take much greater pride in my appearance.

Friends, family…… anyone….. please support me, please kick me if you seen rubbish food enter my system… please slap me round the face if I mention my self loathing again, but more importantly…. please just tell me I can do this!

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One thought on “This blog has to become my food diary!

  1. You can do this but please don’t stop talking about your feeling as that is when the problems get worse.
    We all would rather you talk as this will help you get to your goals.



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