Mum Guilt

A few weeks ago, a new mum friend of mine asked me if the mum built gets better when the kids go to school? ‘Nope, it gets worse!’ I replied.

What is mum guilt? It is that nagging feeling that your getting it all wrong. Personally, I just feel it constantly because I am a full time working mum, but even my friends that work part time, or are a full time mum feel it too. Why do we do it to ourselves?

This week my anxiety ramped up 100%, I found myself crying myself to sleep because I didn’t want to work anymore, and the though of working on Monday was too much, but if I don’t work and go sick due to my anxiety, the sick pay won’t cover a months income for me, which means the mortgage won’t get paid next month …… And more guilt then transcends…. I will be letting my whole family down 😞

So I got up, went to work, and it was OK! Not amazing, but OK! Still feel guilty, but I doubt it that feeking will ever stop. Instead I looked for some positives, I ended my day looking at what we are going to do on our holiday in Cornwall… When I get 12 whole interrupted days with MY family in my bubble. 

Mum guilt, parent guilt… Its never going to leave us, I just need to realise that life is what we make it, use the guilt to make happier memories and move on. Who thinks I can follow my own advice?

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