Christmas is NOT the most wondeful time of the year

I am sure this is my space to vent! I am sure this is my sanity. 

Today was my last Horrible Monday blues day at Lindt. And when Sean joked that this was the day that I could probably kill everyone and use the excuse ‘well it is Monday’ never did I think that in my mind would I be wishing that right now. 

I am so not ready for christmas. My eldest daughter has far less presents than my youngest, I have ‘bits’ for my husband, a present I ordered weeks ago for my niece has not turned up and I cant get another one anywhere… since when is the Pie face game as popular as Hatchimals!!!!! 

Lindt have not sent a reference to Nuffield????? 

I have not had a cooked meal since saturday…. when I cooked, even thou my husband is at home on garden leave…. and the house is back to being a mess again when I left the downstairs was at least reasonable.

Even thou no food has passed my lips (apart from obviously rubbish) I felt like a huge elephant. I dont feel in the slightest bit attractive. And I certainly dont look happy. 

I have been informed today that Grace’s teacher was reducing her days in a very informal email from the school, which in no way calms any fears that may arise from that email. Since when do we have to teach the school how to communicate???

Oh… and Eloise wont Pooh!! Even after an hours attempt of me sitting on the toilet floor talking to her pretending to be her pooh and ‘let me out’

Yes people, humans, anyone reading…. this day can disappear please


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