Bye bye Olaf

Friday, a day I was on a high, it was the girls birthday party the following day, I had completed the minion cake!! 

 life was good.

I’d had the food delivered for the party, I was tidying up, went to call for my cat, opened the front door, found him laying on the mat, I called his name and there was no movement.

He had died….

Here is my beautiful cat.

Mixed breed, a people’s cat, he wanted to always been in your company if he wasn’t following being the hunter he was. He wanted to protect the girls, and he wanted to be loved, which he was so much, 

He was my therapy, and part of my support network has broken down, and I am finding that very difficult to cope with. Funny thou, I can’t cry??? I did on Friday, just not anymore.

Today we buried him in the garden, that was odd, it felt so weird as you don’t have to notify anyone?? It was just a hole and nothing more. 

Thank you for being my friend Olaf, I will miss you more than I ever thought I would. Thank you for being part of our 


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