Camping…. Good for the mind!

Ok, so my husband literally begged me to go camping this year, we have not been since the summer before we had Grace, so 5 years! So I had two conditions….

  1. It had to be a holiday!!!!
  2. He had to do all the cooking and washing up, unless I felt like it 🙂

Suffice to say, we came camping! And now that I am going into my 4th night of 10, I’m actually chilled, relaxed and enjoying it! Apart from the increased symptoms of my already bad hay fever, it’s actually ok.

Dare I say it, I have smiled so many times, at the girls, I do believe I have not shouted at them, or at least half as much as I did before. I  have actually experienced brief moments of happiness!!!! 

Maybe what people say about the state of happiness is true, maybe it is only brief moments you get to experience.

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