Hollywood Films – Good or Bad or damn right misleading!


So I went to pick my daughters up from my mum yesterday (after my return to work meeting) and my mum has introduced the girls to Mary Poppins and The Sound of Music, not only have I fallen out of love with Julie Andrews after her appealing show I was so excited to see (maybe I’ll digress later) but it just reminded me, or should i say hit me, how much those films, and films of that genre have ruined me for life!

I grew up watching films like this on repeat, I always thought life was full of happy endings and love everlasting, big houses, perfect figures, perfect children, nannies…. (not grandparents) affording luxuries and not necessarily worrying about the day to day.

Even the recent film i watched – Mom’s night out – even that had a great happy ending. It had so much promise, finally a film all mums can relate to, all mums that feel unhappy, all mums that struggle. It all ended all lovey dovey for my liking.

But then i guess no-one wants to go and watch a film that is all about real life – my mum put it perfectly yesterday, she said to me ‘so you think violent films are better to watch’ quite honestly at the moment yes! as at least that prepares you for life.

My husband believes that a 3rd world war is on the horizon – he could possibly be right – but – how sad is that i am sat here thinking if its true, i wish i had waited a few more years to have my children, and never put them through that pain.

Don’t let your kids believe that ‘lets go fly a kite’ is a reality, cos to be honest, when has it ever been?

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